Alex Ross
for State Representative

of Michigan's 60th District (Kalamazoo & Portage)

For too long, politicians have served politicians. From the local level to national, there must be a common thread: the agenda must be set by the voters.

Vote Alex Ross for State Representative for Michigan's 60th district


Born in Central Michigan from a long line of Michiganders, I am a young politician with the drive to inspire and revive our State, my home. Bringing back freedom and prosperity can only happen when we listen to the voters.

At Kalamazoo College, studying Political Science, I witnessed firsthand the abuses of our government, but also the importance of Local and State governments.

While younger than most politicians, I don't enter this campaign out of naivety, but of concern. I am concerned for the voters of Kalamazoo who have been let down by the officials in Lansing. My youth and energy are a testament to my commitment to give all in order to secure prosperity for my constituents.

Don't get me wrong- I am not a politician, but a concerned citizen, much like you. I have no illusions that going to Lansing and facing special interests, lobbyists, and self-serving politicians will be easy. But I believe that together, we can set the agenda in Lansing based not on politics, but on the needs of my constituents. Please join us in the trip from the ballot box, all the way to Lansing.




on the issues


Tax dollars should be spent to serve the tax-payers, not the special interests and lobbyists. Our infrastructure must be a priority.


While job growth has been on the increase throughout Michigan, the state must work to increase our labour participation rate and expand opportunity for all.


Education is a great way to provide equal opportunity. Our high schools must be a focus of constant improvement, as our children are the future of the nation. Through expanded scholarships, we can ensure that our children get every opportunity possible.


Our citizens must have access to healthcare. The special interests that politicans have partnered with have only driven prices up and put profits in the pockets of drug companies- all at the expense of the citizens. This will end.


Michigan must be the best place for the start of small businesses. As a small business owner, I know that our small businesses create more jobs, and provide better economic stimulus than unbridled government spending. Lower taxes for our job creators.


Higher taxes squash growth and suffocate the middle class. Our tax dollars must first be used efficiently, and not at the behest of lobbyists. As Representative, I will work to keep taxes down.

Mental Health & Disabilities

Mental Health services must be supported and increased, in the same way we support our physical health. As Representative, I will work for better mental health and disability services.

Constituent Services

By the end of this campaign, I want to meet every voter possible. If you elect me, I will make it my passion to be accessible to the voters as much as possible, through public forums, my office, and by private meetings. This will ensure that my priorities in Lansing are driven by the voters. If you send me to Lansing, my agenda will be set by you, the voters.

Laws and Policing

Our police departments cannot be militarized. The drug war, which is an attack on the minority community, must end. Police departments should be reduced in favor of more democratic solutions such as sheriff departments, which are accountable to the community they serve

In the age of Obamacare, there is no better metaphor for a bloated, incompetent government beauracracy that a broken, ugly, clunky website that doesn't work.

If your candidate can't even figure out how to put a website together

in the 21st century, you should fire them.

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